5 Tips for Surviving Finals Week

You haven’t washed your hair this week, your room is flooded with dirty clothes, and you’re hardly sleeping?  

Let me guess… it’s FINALS week!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I need to make time for myself this month in the midst of constant studying, flashcards, and reading dirty old textbooks.  So alas, here are my top 3 tips for surviving finals week without totally neglecting your body and mind.


To have some time to yourself, you have to make time for yourself.  This is why you need to get out your bullet journal, or pop open an excel sheet, and get going!  Creating a time-table may seem like a daunting task to those that aren’t into the whole planning scene (yes, it’s officially a scene), but really, in a few short minutes you could have time set aside solely for YOU everyday.  That’s right, time just for you, to do whatever it is that you want… not to mention that this time is necessary to feel refreshed and happy when you’re ready to go back to studying.  Be sure to check out my journaling board on Pinterest for some fun and efficient time-table/exam spreads!

FALL IN LOVE WITH … flashcards?

Yes, flashcards!  Flashcards should be your go-too studying method this winter, why?  Because when you don’t have time for your so desperately needed bath tonight, you can bring your cards in, and study study study!  Not to mention it’s the 21st century, so who really makes their own flashcards anymore?  Check out Quizlet and search up your class name, along with “final”, and check out how many other students have made sets that are just waiting to be found…


I was going to title this section “SNACK, SNACK, AND SNACK MORE!”  But… I am not recommending that my fellow college students binge-eat their way through finals, and that’s where the importance of planning comes in!  Snack’s are important, because well, your brain can’t function without the fuel it needs.  We all know not to skip out on breakfast on test days, right?  So why skip out on snacking during studying!  But who else here is also guilty of over-indulging?  This is why it’s important to plan out your grocery list, assuring you have lots of easy snacks and meals to make this month.  I recommend using the pomodoro timer while you study, made infamously famous by studyblr!  There’s plenty of them online, or as a chrome extension.  Try this timer for a more custom experience, or this super simple one if you need to get to studying right away.   

And those are my top three tips for coming out of finals week smarter AND happier!  Who knew it was possible?

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