Dating to Marry; Can Relationships be Casual?

If you’re following along for the 30 days of proverbs 31 challenge, you probably saw day sevens verse:

“She does him good and not harm, all the days of her life” Proverbs 31:12

And that’s what this post is about, commitment. Because Jesus calls us to do good to our partner EVERY day of our lives, not just one day, not just some days, and definitely not just the days when we feel like. Every day of her life, it tells us, she commits.

It’s easy to be selfish in a relationship and only want commitment to be given to us, but we have to show it too! It is not just necessary for our s/o’s to show us commitment in their love and actions towards us, but for us to do the same! This is so telling, as one of the common themes of proverbs has been selflessness!

Dating in our society can be intensely different for everyone, but as Christians, is there really such a thing as “casual dating” that is biblical? The bible tells us that when we are in a relationship we must stay committed, because we are dating to marry, and marriage is a fulfillment of a lifelong commitment.

“Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Amos 3:3

When you start dating someone, it can be hard to commit because we don’t know where the relationship is going. I mean, God’s path could take you anywhere, and you could only date for a couple months, right? But the thing is, you don’t know yet. And when we don’t know something that God does, we can always turn to scripture. So when the bible tells us to commit entirely to our s/o, that means it doesn’t matter whether or not that person is going to be our soulmate. When you agree to walk together, you agree to commit to eachother. Fully, as God’s timing permits. And when we become a wife, that commitment becomes not just full, but forever.

If we are not looking for a spouse in our romantic life, than what are we looking for? The reciprocation of love that comes from a Godly relationship is something that God intended us to live out. So let’s do that, and commit to the ones around us fully.

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