Seeking God through Prayer (+ prayer card downloads!)

We all know that there are an abundance of ways we can grow closer to God, but how can we do that through prayer in a way that not only deepens our practice of prayer, but deepens our relationship with God in the process?

Here for the freebies?  Download the printable prayer card set here, to help you grow your faith and deepen your prayer practices!


Here are the top three ways that I use to deepen my practice of prayer!

Involve Song

No, I don’t mean to sing your prayers.  However, if that works for you go for it!  … but the intention on this is actually to use your favorite lyrics from worship songs to inspire your prayers.  Why?  Because so many of us use worship to connect with God and glorify Him, and that requires us to develop a strong bond to our favorite lyrics.  So why not use these powerful lyrics to thank, ask, and love Jesus in our prayers?

Memorize Scripture

I repeat, again and again, MEMORIZE HIS WORDS!  How will this deepen your prayers?  Well let me ask you this instead, what is stronger than God?  Who is more purposeful than God?  Who the heck has more unconditional love than God?  … anyone?  NOPE!  Why, because God is the only perfect thing in creation.  Involving His perfect words in your prayers will bring power, trust, love, forgiveness, patience, and all the other good stuff.  I promise.

If you need somewhere to start, download the free prayer cards here!  Scripture is incorporated into each one of them!


Know His faithfulness

Lastly?  Believe.  Believe in His faithfulness to His children.  Don’t just ask in blindness, ask in confidence, knowing that His way is the best way and He has good things in store for you.  If you’re struggling with trusting God right now, I recommend that you first start by reminding yourself of all the things God has done for you and all the places He has led you.  Next, make a commitment.  Get a devotional, keep a journal, or ask a friend to hold you accountable to bible study.  Whatever it is, do it, and use the trust you build with God to deepen your prayers.

Thanks for reading!  If you haven’t yet, you can join the community at Wonderfully Loved for lots of freebies and loads of love!


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