5 Ways to Diminish Shame for the Christian Girl + Free Reading Plan

You’re not alone, we all let shame tell us who we are sometimes. Today, however, we’re going to stop the cycle of shame by learning 5 ways that will put an end to shameful thoughts!

If you’re in a constant cycle of comparison and shame, get the free guide, “Freedom From Shame” to stop letting IT tell you what you are, and letting God tell you who you are!

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Know that shame is in the past, but God wants you to live in the present.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”  Isaiah 43:18-19 

Let’s get this straight, shame is a feeling caused from things that have happened in the past. Whether the past was an hour ago or a year ago, God doesn’t want us to dwell on that, because He wants us to have security and comfort in knowing our future is in His hands. Scripture speaks to this and tells us consistently throughout the bible to stop dwelling in the past, because our only dwelling place should be with God.

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Ask Him for truth.

You’re relationship with God is powerful, and a giant part of that relationship is prayer. Do you talk to your spouse, your family, or your friends? Then you should be talking to God just as much, if not more. Ask Him to present you with truth and rid your mind and body of the shame that presides within it. He will answer.

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I will say it again, and again, and AGAIN! MEMORIZE HIS WORD! Why is this so unbelievably crucial? Because if you’re trying to tackle a feeling that subconsciously presents itself to you everyday, when you feel ashamed you won’t always have a bible to whip out right that second. But you ALWAYS have your memory, right? So memorize, memorize, memorize, and fill your mind up with God’s joy every hour of the day.

If you’d like, use my free reading guide that combats shame to memorize scripture!

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Know that the power shame has is completely sequential to the power of God’s grace.

Realizing the power of God’s grace will allow you tackle shame simply because it is far greater than the power shame has over you. To do this, think of all that God has done for you. Every morning this month I challenge YOU, yes you, to write down why God’s grace holds so much strength. We all see His grace everyday in our lives, so when you have a moment of realization for how good our God is, WRITE IT DOWN! Remember it, and remember the power it has.

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In the days of famine you have abundance!

“The Lord knows the days of the blameless, and their heritage will remain forever; they are not put to shame in evil times; in the days of famine they have abundance.”  psalm 37:18-19

Know that no matter the trial or conflict you are trying to get past, in the days of famine God gives us abundance. He makes the poor man rich in love and light. He takes your struggles and diminishes them with the abundance of love, joy, compassion, truth, and forgiveness He grants us with. Remember this, because it is a truth that will forever remain.

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