Asking in Faith to Combat Doubt

bibleeeSo you have this big thing going on right now. And this thing is just weighing you down, I mean it’s just filling you up from top to bottom with confusion, or anxiousness, or fear. And from these emotions doubt forms, and the doubt creates an even greater excess of these emotions and you feel SO overwhelmed. You have unanswered questions and fear that needs to be dealt with. What do you do? Let’s turn to God’s word, because in this moment, God says to have faith.

“But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.” James 1:6 ESV

what james is telling us here, is to ask and already know the outcome. Is to have no fear of the future because our future is destined if we continue in Gods path for us. What james is telling us is that our God is so good, that he already has a beautiful future laid out for every single one of His children. He knows what we need, before we tell him what we need; he knows where were going to be in 5 years, before we even know where we’re going to be tomorrow. But if we don’t have trust in that, if we don’t have faith in God’s plan for us, we will have doubt. And james explains that the doubt will cause our minds to be “tossed by the sea”, or overrun with emotions like confusion and fear.

“He is a double minded man unstable in all of his ways.” James 1:8 ESV

When you feel all of these negative emotions and these voids that you are unable to answer, what God wants you to do is fill them up with His love. He wants you to remember it’s ok, because His hands are right there to catch you if you start to fall. So put your FAITH in Him, give Him your TRUST, and see what He can do with it. I KNOW that He’s got you. I KNOW He has a plan for you- and not only do i know it, I TRUST in the plan that Jesus has for you. I know, that like all things from God, it is good.

When doubt seeps in, God gives us the gift of faith. And what we can do with that faith, is fill that hole of doubt up with those waves from the sea that caused us all of that anxiousness and fear and confusion, and let them both go far away. Put your faith in the Lord and trust in His ability to do something amazingly good with the gifts he has already bestowed upon you.

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